The visual style of Seeing Rachel is inspired by Alan Pakula’s ‘Klute’, where the tension looms large through the cinematography of Gordon Willis; offering a dark, brooding and unnerving view of what lies beneath the surface of civilised society.

Seeing Rachel witnesses the piercing light of two women who work to overcome the darkness.


Seeing Rachel is a disturbing psychological noir crime thriller, where the suspense of Hitchcock encounters the dark, disturbing world of Pakula’s ‘Klute’ and the covert action of the BBC’s ‘Spooks’.

DCI Julia Fenwick has been promoted to head-up Bristol’s Anti-Trafficking Unit. She is supported by an Anglo-Indian MI5 Spook, Natalie Zamine. Whilst Fenwick lacks confidence, Zamine has both the physical prowess and mental tenacity to succeed. However, they both count the personal cost as they search for missing schoolgirl, Rachel Andersson.

As Fenwick battles with the unwelcome attention of her new boss, Zamine has her own demons to wrestle with. Her investigations are halted when she’s visited by a team of Assassins from an Oriental Snakehead Gang. They’re seeking revenge because Zamine has ruined the planned expansion of their drug trade to the UK.

But, it’s the psychological weight of the case which leads Fenwick and Zamine to make decisions which will affect not just their future in the Anti-Trafficking Unit, but also their personal lives.

Their search leads them into the disturbing world of Richard Compton, (a successful Crime Journalist) and to an international trafficking network establishing its presence in the city of Bristol. As the evidence grows and the darkness looms, so the tension increases, with devastating effect.


Ben Richards


Ben is the Managing Director of Animus Pictures Ltd. His latest film ‘One Thing Left To Do’ will be released in 2016.

Geoff Hall

Writer and Director

Geoff wrote and Directed ‘My Name Is Sorrow’ in 2012, which was translated into Russian in 2013 as ‘Меня Зовут Скорбь’. He is a published author and his first novel will be published later this year.

David Poore


David is an EMMY and RTS nominated composer. He has worked with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Disney.

Paul Cowell

Production Design

With over 25 years experience Paul has worked as a Production Designer and Art Director on ‘Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: 4:50 to Paddington’ (1987) and ITV’s ‘Midsomer Murders’ (2003 – 11). Paul is currently working on the Lionsgate biopic of JRR Tolkien.

Kristina Erdely

Casting Director

Kristina was the Casting Director on E!’s ‘The Royals’, and films such as ‘The 100 Year Old Man’ (2013) and ‘Occupied’ (2015)

Kate Glover

Line Producer

Kate has worked on such films as ‘Tower Block’ (2012) and ‘Mr Holmes’ (2015)